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Savannah Highway at Dupont Road & Stinson Drive


Proposed improvements at the intersection include

Realign Dupont Road approach with Stinson Drive to create a safer intersection

Add a left-turn lane
on Dupont Road

for Southbound traffic
to reduce wait times at the Dupont Road signal

Add a sidewalk
along the eastern side of Dupont Road to increase pedestrian connectivity

Add decorative crosswalks and mast arm traffic signals
to increase pedestrian visibility and enhance aesthetics

20230118 - Dupont Stinson.jpg






The Dupont Road and Stinson Drive intersection was evaluated according to it Level of Service (LOS) in its current condition and with proposed improvements. 

F           E           D            C            B            A

LOS gradient.PNG

Intersection LOS measures traffic conditions with a range that varies from F to A. LOS F represents high levels of congestion, where many drivers are unable to pass through the intersection under the first green signal they see. LOS A represents very low levels of congestions, where drivers pass through the intersection with little delay.

20220801 - Dupont LOS.jpg

With the proposed improvements, the Dupont Road and Stinson Drive intersection is projected to experience delay reductions of 25% in the a.m. peak hour and 47% in the p.m. peak hour. 

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