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Based on past feedback from citizens and stakeholders, the County’s vision is to improve intersections along Savannah Highway with the following goals in mind: 

  • Relieve traffic congestion


  • Improve safety for vehicular traffic

  • Improve safety for pedestrians

  • Create more connectivity for pedestrians

  • Minimize right-of-way impacts to residents and businesses along the corridor


The project team performed a complete analysis of the Savannah Highway corridor. Every intersection from Savage Road to Nicholson Street, including unsignalized intersections and some key commercial driveways, was evaluated for potential improvements. 

20220323 - All Intersections.jpg

Seven (7) intersections were found to have meaningful improvement potential based on the project goals.

chosen ints.PNG

Of those intersections, Skylark Drive, Ashley Town Centre Drive, and Sam Rittenberg Boulevard were removed from the list of proposed improvements as they will likely be improved as part of the Mark Clark Extension project. 

The County is proposing to make improvements to the remaining four (4) intersections. An additional intersection, Coburg Road, will experience traffic improvements as a result of changes made elsewhere.

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